Staging the Home

Today the hot topic, when selling your home, is “staging”. I have to ask myself what did we do for many years, before this started? I know for over twenty-five plus years I had no issue selling homes nor telling my clients what they needed to do in order to sell their homes.

Simply put “less is always more”. So when selling, remove some items from each room. Make the rooms appear more spacious. Storing items in your basement, but in the center vs. against walls. Why? If you pile corners up, buyers feel you may be hiding water leakage, typically found in corners of basements.

Make sure rooms have clear and open walkways. Open blinds to let in natural lighting and always cut lights on before showings. Keep pets out of the way of lookers and if possible, remove or crate them in areas that potential buyers would spend the most time viewing.

Wall colors? Neutral is always best. This goes for carpet too. All good painters and carpet vendors know colors that are popular and most saleable. Vinyl flooring is a thing of the past, so neutral ceramic is a great make over. Shop your local home store for eight to ten-inch squares. Installers are inexpensive and buyers love ceramic.

Refinishing real Oak flooring can be a hassle, but it is relatively inexpensive and home buyers today love “real hardwood”. Laminate flooring is fading fast and should never go in kitchen or baths. This does not apply to the new products that are now on the market that are water resistant.
Placing furniture is simple. Keep walkways and doorways clear. Declutter kitchen counters, and yes Granite is worth the investment!

Take down family photos. Not so much due to clutter, but to keep potential buyers from knowing who occupants are. None of us want our children or grandchildren falling prey to unknown offenders of any type.

Curb appeal is over sixty-percent of the selling process. So make doorways welcoming and include some flowering plants, as well as a freshly painted front door. Keep grass mowed and gardens weeded. Pine straw is an incredible alternative to mulch or rocks, so check it out! First impressions happen once, so make the most of it that you can!

These are some simple guides, but of course your Realtor can dive much deeper into this process. An experienced Realtor does not need a “certificate” to make your home what it needs to be to be sold!

Robert Dawson, Broker, LAR President is the owner of Dawson Ford Garbee & Co and the board president for the Lynchburg Association of Realtors.

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