Paint, Paper & Personality?

While we all know we love our homes to be not only pretty, but a representation of who we are, being careful is a must. When thinking about wall coverings give this long and serious thought. Above all else if you do install wall coverings, make sure the walls are sized, so removal will be easy if and when the time comes. While you may enjoy wall coverings for many years, this is the hardest cosmetic issue most buyers have with some homes. Covering walls gives a more “permanent” appearance and is hard for home buyers to overlook. Most often Realtors will recommend removal of most if not all wall coverings. As a home owner you should take this advice, even though this can be a task.  

Paint is a better way to express yourself and easier to repaint. Neutral is better, we all have to remember we are selling the home, not planning on living there any longer. So take those dark or bright colors and neutralize them before you plan on marketing your home.

When it comes to children’s’ rooms, we all know this is a touchy subject. But not all children dream of Spider Man, Ninjas, Tinkerbell, Nemo, Superman and Batman.  Many home buyers could be “empty nesters” or maybe they have no children at all. This is a difficult conversation to have and most often a happy medium is best. While you do not want to disrupt your child’s room as they are still living there, you do want to sell your home. So maybe removing some wall coverings or wall stickers, while leaving one or two. Pack your child’s toys with them watching and helping, while explaining to them they get them back when they move to their new home. Leaving their favorites with them in their room. If they write allow them to write their name on their boxes and allow them to help you store them in their safe place until moved. Assure them they will have a new room and all will be back to normal soon.

Carpet? How many colors should you have? ONE! Neutral tones of course are best. Selling a home with different color carpeting in rooms is tough.  Home buyers more than likely cannot use what they have in a room with green or blue carpet, items normally will not match. Moving furniture to replace carpeting is a big chore. But so is months of longer marketing time when you have to clean, be ready and leave for showings. So you have to weigh the odds, plus longer marketing time normally means less value as your home stays on the market. So neutralize those floor coverings.

Lastly you have to consider your resale home is competing with new homes for sale. Fresh paint, neutral flooring, better and brand new appliances.  Fancy lighting. Granite counter tops. The hot cabinet style and color desired today. All this brings to the conclusion that eliminating wall coverings, fresh neutral paint and carpet is what you need to do to sell your home.  This may seem like a lot, but there are other components you more than likely will not touch. Like kitchen cabinetry, lighting, appliances, older HVAC systems and so on. So in the end what may at first seem over whelming, is just what you need to do to sell your home!

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