Hot fun in the Summer Time!

It seems since “9-11”, that swimming pools and RV’s have become more and more popular. Homeowners have sought out homes with in ground swimming pools and other forms of recreation at home. Four-Wheelers, fishing ponds and lakes, neighborhoods with amenities and more have become very popular.
However, as the days pass, we are still seeing more and more home buyers want to do zero work to the homes they purchase. Therefore, that sought after swimming pool needs to be crystal clear. Liner in great shape, any water falls running and clear, pumps in A+ condition, etc.. A swimming pool, in good condition, I believe, will add value to your home.
There were the days Realtors gave no value to swimming pools. With the average swimming pool costing somewhere toward the $65,000.00 range, one has to agree ,they have a bit of value rather than none at all. A potential home buyer wants that pool or they do not, there is no in between.
Salt water pools seem to be the favorite today. Less care is needed over all, swimming is more enjoyable and all around more convenient for the owners and users. However, do not over do the pool houses or decorations. That is where value is limited to a small amount or none at all for these items. Keep the side patios simple but tasteful. Do not get carried away with statues, yard art or decorations, too many baths, bars or kitchens. That is when you lose the value input vs. gaining return as the years go on.
As with most things we learn as life goes on, less is more! Happy Holidays and enjoy the great outdoors in your own back yard havens!

Robert Dawson, Broker, LAR President

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Robert Dawson, Broker, LAR President is the owner of Dawson Ford Garbee & Co and the board president for the Lynchburg Association of Realtors.
Robert Dawson, President

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