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Townhome or Condominium?

Townhome or Condominium? Often future home buyers come to Realtors with questions about whether to buy a town home or a condo? There are several items for consideration in when deciding which fits you best! If you want to own your own yard, no matter how small,…

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Staging the Home

Staging the Home Today the hot topic, when selling your home, is “staging”. I have to ask myself what did we do for many years, before this started? I know for over twenty-five plus years I had no issue selling homes nor telling my clients what they needed to do in…

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Pets in the Home

Pets in the home? As a person who started volunteering at the local animal shelter, I am keen to pets in the home. I remember a few years ago selling my home with four dogs, two cats and six birds! Oh, what a lesson I learned. Next to cigarette smoke, cats and litter…

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Renovation VS Restoration

Renovation vs. Restoration Often I hear home buyers say they are looking for a home they can renovate. Renovating can be fun if you have the time, and can live in the home during this process. Renovation order should consist of kitchens first, then baths, and then,…

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Choosing a Mortgage Loan Officer

Choosing a Mortgage Loan Officer When it comes to one of, if not your largest investment in life, you really need to take time to choose who originates, processes your mortgage loan. Someone who is there for you during your mortgage loan process. First, as always, you…

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Do I Buy Existing or Build

Do I Buy Existing or Build? Often home-buyers approach Realtors with the question do I buy a new home or do I buy a resale home? Of course a great deal depends on your personality in regard to rather you desire character and charm or all the bells and whistles that…

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Paint, Paper & Personality?

Paint, Paper & Personality? While we all know we love our homes to be not only pretty, but a representation of who we are, being careful is a must. When thinking about wall coverings give this long and serious thought. Above all else if you do install wall coverings,…

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